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Daily Archives: December 6th, 2010

Blog Post #2 – What I Have Been Up to Since August

I graduated from the Drury University MBA Program in August. This closed a big chapter in my life: the chapter dedicated to formal education as a first obligation. I may continue my education further in the future, but for now, formal education as the primary time use in my life is complete. I am transitioning from the education mindset to the work mindset. I also finished up my internship at SignalPoint Asset Management. Welcome to the real world.

Blog Post #1 – Site Launch

Hello, and welcome to Today is the official launch date of my official website. I’ll be using this website as an on-line resume, as well as a place for me to post information and insights on my interests, including technology, business, finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. I’m excited to start this phase of my on-line […]