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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Own Your Name

This concept didn’t originate with me, and I can’t find the site(s) where I originally read about the importance of owning your own name online.  I’m not trying to take someone else’s idea here, just emphasize the truth behind the idea.  You need to own your own name online. I realized a long time ago […]

Someone Is Impersonating Me on Instagram

I don’t have an instagram account.  If you go to you will see an account using my image and listing my website address.  I did not set this account up, and this is not me.  I am not this person.  I found out about it when friends of mine in the real world told […]

Get Your Money Running Right

The last time I posted something to this site was December of 2011. That’s a long time for a webpage to sit and languish. When I first started my website and blog, I was hoping I could find a way to turn it into a source of income for myself. That hasn’t happened so far, […]