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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Why I Use Linux

Most people that know me on any level beyond just a basic hello know that I use Linux in my personal computing for about 95% of what I do. Of course purists would say that I should call it GNU/Linux, but that’s a habit I have yet to adopt. Apologies. I thought I would take a minute to articulate why I have chosen to be a Linux user.

Driving to Las Vegas

As I mentioned in my previous Life Update post, I have the opportunity to go to the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The show is between January 6 and 9. In my insanity, I am considering driving out to Las Vegas rather than flying.

Linux to the Rescue

I am home visiting my parents for the holidays. I had introduced my mom, who is a college professor, to Dropbox about six months ago to keep her files synced up between her laptop and netbook, both of which run Windows XP. She uses the laptop mostly at home, and takes the netbook to class with her, among other places. Despite the convenience and utility of Dropbox, my mom still had many important files on a flash drive.

Life Update

I haven’t posted in a week or so, which means this is overdue. I just wanted to put out an update of my activities from the last couple weeks.

Why I’m Buying a Mac

I’m buying a Mac. People that know me would never expect to hear these words coming out of my mouth, or in this case, being produced by a combination of keystrokes originating from my hands. I’m going to explain why I’m buying a Mac, but first a bit of my history with Macs. My History […]

Android Tethering

Hello friends. Let’s say you made the correct decision the last time you bought a new phone, and by the correct decision, I mean you bought an Android phone. When I moved up to Kansas City, the first thing I did was trade in my tired old non-3G Blackberry Curve 8310 from AT&T and switched […]

Kansas City vs. Springfield

After living in Springfield for 5 years, and having now lived in Kansas City for 3 months, I have observed a couple differences between the two towns. Maybe you have observed something different than me in either Springfield or Kansas City. This is what I’ve noticed. Allow me to elaborate categorically:

Blog Post #2 – What I Have Been Up to Since August

I graduated from the Drury University MBA Program in August. This closed a big chapter in my life: the chapter dedicated to formal education as a first obligation. I may continue my education further in the future, but for now, formal education as the primary time use in my life is complete. I am transitioning from the education mindset to the work mindset. I also finished up my internship at SignalPoint Asset Management. Welcome to the real world.

Blog Post #1 – Site Launch

Hello, and welcome to Today is the official launch date of my official website. I’ll be using this website as an on-line resume, as well as a place for me to post information and insights on my interests, including technology, business, finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. I’m excited to start this phase of my on-line […]