CES Day 2

So, I’m a little late in posting this, but here’s a quick summary of what I saw on the second day I went to the CES.

We stopped back by the Panasonic display area. They had a huge wall of 3D TVs. As I said previously, 3D isn’t going away. What we can look forward to is the price of 3D televisions declining, especially once the 3D TV Sans Glasses comes into the market.

Panasonic Wall of TVs

I also saw the world’s largest 3D HDTV, which has an 84 inch screen.

World's Largest 3D HDTV

We saw a lot of car displays on Day 2 as well, mostly related to car audio. There were a lot uf muscle cars and exotics as well.



Back in June when I went to China with the Drury MBA Program, we saw a lot of knock offs. Anything that could be knocked off was, and there is a long history of Chinese businesses ignoring US copyrights and patents. Here’s an example of a Chinese company ripping off an iconic symbol for their logo. Note that Mojan Batteries is using the bull from the New York Stock Exchange as their emblem. They had it pasted all over their packaging and promotional materials. I guess they figured no one would realize that the bull was from something else. We also saw tons of Spongebob Squarepants stuff that probably hadn’t been licensed and was being used without permission.

The NYSE Bull Says "Buy Mojan Batteries"

Another quick observation:  How not to advertise your electronic cigarette:

Come on, kid, take a hit of this e-cigarette

I think this dude has Soul Glow in his hair (Coming to America reference!).

After a couple hours at the show, we went back to our respective hotels for a little rest, and then headed downtown to Fremont Street that evening for some fun. Quick Vegas tip: take the Deuce Bus. I rented a car, and I could have totally gotten around more easily without it for less money. A 24 hour Deuce Bus pass is only $7 as of the time of this writing, and it is totally worth it. You can ride it up and down the Strip and to downtown.

Lots of fun older more seedy casinos and entertainment venues are available on Fremont Street, and they purport to pay out 11.6% more winnings than the casinos on the Strip. The coolest thing about Fremont Street is the world’s largest big screen, which arches over the entire street for several blocks. Each hour they do a musical tribute with a really cool video. The first day we went to Fremont Street we got to hear American Pie by Don McLean and The Doors. It was great. If you’re ever in Vegas, don’t fear going downtown, you really need to see the Fremont Street Experience. There were also numerous colorful characters wandering around the street to pose with for pictures.

Jen Executing Dark Helmet

At Binions with a Million Bucks


  1. Glad you enjoyed Fremont Street. I thought it was definetely the best part of Las Vegas!

  2. Nice! Did not go you were going to CES! Great shots!

    • Yeah man, it was awesome. I can’t wait to go back again next year. If you ever get an opportunity to go, do yourself a favor and don’t pass it up. Plus, you can always have a good time in Las Vegas.